The EricSupport Helpdesk is now closed, but we want to make sure you get the help you need. Please read the following information to find the best place to get support...

For many years, was the helpdesk to get support for the products and websites of Eric Holmlund LLC.

Eric started doing business online in 1999. The EricSupport helpdesk was established in 2005 and was the main support platform for 18 years, ending in August, 2023. We realize that there are still many links to out there, as we embedded it on many download pages, contact pages, and even within products themselves over the years. Sorry for the inconvenience. We do care about every customer, which is why you will find detailed information on this page.

As of 2023, all new products being launched and sold by Eric Holmlund LLC have partners who are handling the support of those products. You will find those support options below.

Many of the oldest products are no longer supported. Some "legacy" products are still partially supported. Again, you'll find details for those below.

Please do NOT file PayPal disputes, or bank/credit card chargebacks. We always work to resolve issues for our customers, and if a refund is requested within a guarantee period, we will grant it.

When submitting a request via any of the below options, please be as specific as possible. We've sold hundreds of product titles over the years, so please reference the specific product name and give any other relevant information.

Products in collaboration with Ryan Greene (Tempered Blue LLC):

Support at:

  • GPTDash
  • AI Childrens Book Maker
  • Inner Profit Circle
  • Great PLR
  • Template Club
  • DFY PLR Setup Service
  • Real Web Property websites
  • Any PLR product launched by Eric and Ryan together (Threads, Clubhouse, ChatGPT, etc.)

    Products in collaboration with FireLaunchers:

    Support at:

    Notes: Firelaunchers may have had additional partners on some products, and they may direct you to other helpdesks for certain products.

    If you are an affiliate looking for support as an affiliate, look for contact info on the JV/affiliate page of the respective product.

  • AIVideoSuite
  • BizSuiteAI
  • GPTVoicer
  • AIContentFly
  • HelloVidz
  • InstantVidz
  • VidVoicer
  • Courserious
  • Traffic Cloud
  • MediaCloudPro
  • Buzzious

    Products in collaboration with Jeff Alderson (Xybercode, Inc.):

    Support for software products:

    For refund requests only during the guarantee period, please submit a ticket to and list the specific product name and your purchase receipt details if possible. If it is a product that is still being sold, then support is available. For legacy products that are no longer being sold, support may not be available.

  • TT Suite
  • Instant Software Brander
  • Fast Traffic Bot
  • Mega Bot (discontinued)
  • Firesale Firesale (discontinued)
  • Final Firesale (discontinued)
  • Traffic Firesale (discontinued)
  • Epic Firesale (discontinued)
  • Several other products that are discontinued

    Products in collaboration with Naveed Peerzade (Kivee Web Solutions Pvt Ltd.):

    It has been MANY years since we have sold these products, and therefore support has been discontinued. You can likely find Naveed online for business inquiries.

  • Instant Product Engine
  • Graphics Firesale

    Products in collaboration with Micah Stover:

    It has been MANY years since we have sold these products, and therefore support has been discontinued. Micah was the head of EricSupport for most of its existence, and did a phenomenal job supporting our customers, and yes, he used the Macro Marketer technology throughout his work for all those years.

  • Push Button Marketer
  • Macro Marketer

    Products in collaboration with Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman (The Real Guys):

    It has been MANY years since we have sold these products. You can find Paul and his new ventures online. Jeff has moved on to new opportunities.

  • Real Coaching Club
  • No Cost Income Stream
  • ArbiCash (with Jeff Hunt)
  • Real Guys Real Money
  • The IM Tech Course
  • Proven Profit Package
  • Fitness Firesale
  • IM Guru PLR
  • Live PLR
  • Several other products

    Products in collaboration with Ian Del Carmen (Fireball Group of Companies):

    It has been MANY years since we have sold these products, and therefore support has been discontinued. You can likely find Ian and his new company online.

  • PLR Jackpot
  • Software Firesale
  • Other products


    Support is available here:

    This is a GoDaddy reseller account, and therefore your support is essentially coming from GoDaddy.

    All Email Subscriptions/Newsletters:

    Any email subscription can be managed by clicking the link at the bottom of the email you received. You can unsubscribe at any time or change your email address. If you need further support in this regard, please open a ticket at and reference "Eric Holmlund LLC Email Subscription" and which list you are inquiring about.

    Legacy Products with Limited Support Available:

    These are older products that may still be sold. Support on these products is LIMITED to getting your download links/access, or refunds within a guarantee period.

    For these products, please submit a ticket to and reference the specific product name in the ticket. Again this support is limited, so be sure to specify whether you are requesting access to the product, or a refund.

  • Trading Pro System
  • Winning Trade System
  • Forex Trading Pro System
  • The List Building Pack (via Eric's Tips)
  • The Copywriting Pack (via Eric's Tips)
  • Instant One Time Offers (via Eric's Tips)
  • 30 Day InfoProduct (via Eric's Tips)
  • Anything else CURRENTLY sold via Eric's Tips
  • KE Tribe (With Nate McHenry)
  • Stock Video Firesale
  • Hot Topic Firesale
  • Hot Niche Firesale
  • Mark Hendricks Firesale
  • 10-Free-Ebooks One Time Offer
  • ANY other product that is STILL being sold, even if it is listed as discontinued. After so many years, there are still some live order pages out there that may have been overlooked. In other words, if you paid for something recently (generally within 60 days), we'll support the PURCHASE. We'll either make sure you get the correct downloads, or a refund.

    Discontinued Products with No Support Available:

    These products have not been sold in MANY years.

  • Daily Market Advantage
  • The 25k Firesale
  • Ghostwriter Firesale
  • WritingCash Program
  • Just7Days Firesales
  • Source Code Sale
  • All products in collaboration with Joel Comm (you can easily find Joel online)
  • All products in collaboration with Dr. Amit (Dr. Amit supports his current products, you can find him online)
  • All products in collaboration with Bishop Anders, Amy Cross, Cliff Carrigan, Michael Nicholas, John Rhodes, Jay Boyer, Dave Vallieres, or other partners not listed (Some of those people are still in business and supporting their current products)
  • Other products that aren't listed anywhere on this page.

    Support for products RECOMMENDED by us, but not sold by us:

    We recommend various products via email and other platforms. We are an affiliate of most of those products; we are not the vendor. For support for those products, you need to contact the vendor. Visit the sales page to look for support information. If you purchased a product, look for the receipt email.

    Additional Support for ClickBank, JVZoo, and WarriorPlus:

    Most of the products we recommend are sold on these platforms. We also sell our own products on these platforms. Again, the best support option is to contact the vendor if possible. These platforms may also be able to help you find your download links or access to a product, and may be able to get in touch with a vendor if you are unable.

  • ClickBank order support:
  • JVZoo product access:
  • JVZoo support:
  • WarriorPlus product access:
  • WarriorPlus support:

    Note: Based on decades of experience, we've seen about 90% of failed communications between customers and vendors is not the vendor's "fault". It is most often due to your email not reaching them, or their email reply not reaching you (due to an ISP filtering it, for example). That's one reason it is best to submit support tickets when possible, and return to view your support ticket at a helpdesk rather than relying on email.

    If you are looking for help with your business:

    We do currently have a coaching club called Inner Profit Circle, which is run by Eric Holmlund and Ryan Greene. Members of the coaching club can directly ask questions in the member's area, and communicate directly with Eric during live coaching sessions twice a month. For more information, please visit:

    Where to get help if you see no relevant options on this page:

    If your request does not fit any of the options on this page, you may submit a ticket to Please reference "Eric Holmlund LLC - OTHER". If it involves something you paid for within a reasonably recent period (less than a year), and it came through our company, rest assured we will respond to you. Please note that we may not respond to requests falling outside these guidelines, such as solicitations or personal inquiries.

    Note from Eric:

    Thank you so much for your support of my business and products over the years - decades now! I really appreciate it and am so grateful. As of 2023, I'm entering the next phase of my "career", which is why I've closed this helpdesk and offloaded all support to my partners.

    I'm not completely retiring yet, as I'm still doing the Inner Profit Circle (the best place to get help from me personally), and will likely stay involved in a very select number of projects (such as GPTDash and AI Children's Book Maker). Beyond that, I'm now working on projects outside the "internet marketing" world, and enjoying a semi-retirement after many years of successful business.

    I will continue to share my years of experience, tips, and latest trends through my email newsletters. I expect I will always be learning new marketing methods and strategies. Thanks for being a subscriber!

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